How to Determine the Right Nicotine Strength When Choosing E-Liquids

How to Determine the Right Nicotine Strength When Choosing E-Liquids

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These days, it is quite possible to find eliquid with nicotine in them. Of course, the nicotine makes them less healthy but they might be necessary for many people who are trying to quit smoking. The following tips will help you when you want to how to choose best e liquid with nicotine.

The Basics

In an e-liquid, the nicotine strength will be measured in milligrams per milliliter. However, it is often displayed in mg only. The higher this number, the more is the nicotine present in the liquid.

Choosing the Right Strength

When you are choosing e-liquids with nicotine, the strength opted for should be dependent on the device that you are using.

Mouth to Lung Device: For these devices, you can choose any nicotine strength that you are comfortable with. The concentration is not going to affect your vaping experience in any way as long as you are comfortable with it.

Cloud Device: If you are planning on cloud chasing, it is a good idea to avoid e-liquids with nicotine. After all, you will be inhaling a considerable amount of vapor in order to produce large clouds. As such, too much nicotine can cause you to experience a bout of coughing and you may even get a head rush. If you still wish to use nicotine, avoid going for strengths higher than 6 mg.


Sub-Ohm Device: For these devices, you need to go for the absolute minimum to have an enjoyable vaping experience. You may even find that 6 mg is far too strong for you as well.

If you have started vaping in an effort to quit smoking, you should opt for a level that is similar to how much you used to smoke. Chain-smokers will of course require a considerable level. With time you can start choosing best eliquid with lower nicotine levels so that you can completely quit it.

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